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Our Approach

Commitment to Customers

A Wright & Son Builders is committed to working closely with clients and local communities to minimise the impact of maintenance and construction operations. We do this by working safely, keeping our sites tidy and secure, by sending out letters and putting up signs to give advance notice of works, and by attending public meetings.

Our teams have a duty of care to support our high standards of customer service. They are fully trained in all the necessary skills and work in accordance with rigorous systems for Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management. Our guidelines on customer care include the attitude, presentation and behaviour of our employees and a prompt, professional response to correspondence and telephone calls. Regular surveys of our clients and the public ensure that we meet agreed standards.


A Wright & Son Builders is committed to consistently and economically producing a first class service. We continually strive for improvements within our business and pursue excellence through active leadership and the adoption of quality management standard. This approach includes establishing clear goals and responsibilities, a rigorous regime of inspection and auditing and investment in training. This ethos is extended throughout our workforce. We constantly monitor and measure our performance internally between contracts and externally through forums such as the Highway Works Best Value Benchmarking Club.


Our intention is to continue to be a flagship builder within the local community with the highest standards of care for our people, products and methods. We implement our philosophy of business Improvement through the sharing of Best Practice, innovative management and operational developments.

Our approach is inclusive, encouraging all employees to contribute knowledge and ideas through Best Practice Forums, a suggestion scheme and process of investigation and development.